Fabio and Annarella from their Sicilian Farm on Arte Channel

So glad to be part of this beautiful documentary about Sicily. Thanks to Arte Channel, an opportunity to be part of this collection of great little things from this incredible Island. In the interview, Fabio and Annarella had the possibility to talk about their vision and their projects: Sicilian old kitchen, bees, wild oranges, and carobs.

Fabio and Annarella at the Bio Farm in Noto – Sicily

Fabio spoke about the more resilient approach to agriculture with his wild orange garden after some carobs were harvested in one of our Three Farms, after that, Annarella spoke about bees and carobs flower to finish in the little kitchen where they make their online cooking classes.

A beautiful recipe with that ingredients, Annarella prepared the Cavatelli shape fresh pasta using a percentual of carob flour with ricotta cheese, citrus zest, and wild herbs. A very old recipe when the regular flour was not available like now so mix different kind of was more usual then now. Are you interested to reply the recipe? You can find the recipe here.

It was an occasion to show how important is biodiversity and the precious work of bees in a Farm try to move in a more sustainable direction, from traditional farming to a regenerative approach. How essential bees are in all of this and how the harmony of the seasons is important to maintain a regular plant life.

A great experience for Fabio, Annarella, and Threefarmsisland to have another opportunity to share with more people their passion, what they are doing and their lifestyle to move to the next projects.

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