On line Cooking Classes live from our Farm

Cooking together connected from any place in the world, 

«Οὕτως δ´ ὀψοποιεῖν εὐφυῶς περὶ〈τὴν〉Σικελίαν αὐτὸς ἔμαθον ὥστε τοὺς δειπνοῦντας εἰς τὰ βατάνι´ ἐμβάλλειν ποιῶ ἐνίοτε τοὺς ὀδόντας ὑπὸ τῆς ἡδονῆς.»

“I have learned so well to cook the
food in Sicily, that for the pleasure I will make the
diners bite the pans and saucers .”

Athḕnaios Naukratítēs o Naukrátios
190 DC

Sharing Food Knowledge

Sicily and Italy have very old traditions in Food. What better way to know more about it cooking together?

There are no better way to prepare food to know more about it.

Following old rules, we give you an opportunity to submerge yourself in an authentic Traditional food culture experience with a step-by-step cooking class.
A Farm approach to the kitchen based on the history of Southern Italian gastronomy where the Mediterranean Diet came from.

Some of the traditional recipes from this part of the world are just very popular. Today, with a really simple and authentic approach you will learn how to make some of them.

A cooking class to enjoy and try to understand more about the roots of this very successful food combinations.

From our Farm in Sicily, cooking online together.

This experience is great for GROUPS, FAMILY REUNIONS and to celebrate BIRTHDAYS or SPECIAL EVENTS

We also offer CORPORATE TEAM BUILDINGS, perfect for reconnecting with your colleagues or to spark new relationships while you are working from home.

And of course, to everybody who are interested in recipes and cooking or just want to join an informal cooking class with us 🙂

Typical traditional Sicilian/Italian recipes we propose:

  • Home Made Pasta from scratch different shapes: from Ravioli to Cavatelli, from Busiate to Orecchiette etc…
  • How to make Almond milk old way
  • Parmigiana, 
  • Ravioli and Tomato Sauce
  • Cavatelli and Sicilian Pesto
  • Traditional Baked Pasta
  • Sorrentinas Gnocchi
  • Pasta alla Norma
  • Stimpirata side dish 
  • Caponata
  • Original Maccheroni with Sugo
 and many more..

A culinary online cooking experience. Live from an Italian Farm

Cooking together using Zoom or others platforms (one hour and a half maximum).

We send a newsletter some days before with the recipe we are going to make where we will provide a list of ingredients to buy. Or just decide together a recipe for a private group Cooking Class. 

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Organize your private online cooking with us

To organize a private cooking class with us, just write us telling how many people, we will schedule together what time and what recipe