Adopt an Olive Three in Sicily to receive its Extravirgin Olive at home with our Program. A way to make something special, helping small farmers, enviorment and traditional farming in Sicily. 

A way to cook together learning some more about the Southern Italy traditional dishes. From our Farm in Sicily, the biggest Island of Mediterranean, where a lot of cult of Italian Gastronomy came from, we will cook with you explaining every passage step by step. An original way to stay connected or to have a Taste of Sicily in your kitchen. 

Are you in Sicily? Are you planning a trip for? Here our one-day tour to have a real authentic taste of Sicily in our Farm with seasonal menu and little walking in the fields. The closest approach to the ingredients, in a rural context. You are welcome!

Like Farmers we grow food, like people, we eat food, like people who want to eat well, with the right pleasure and respect, we have to grow food in the best and most responsible way. 

Traditional, Sicilian, Mediterranean, Italian, a collection of special, famous and less famous recipes collected years by years at our Farm. 

Re Think Agricolture is a process  that involve different aspects. A Blog with old questions and new solutions and old solutions for new questions.