How to label your tree
Adopt an olive tree in Sicily

Olive Tree Adoption

Why adopt an olive tree at our Farm in Sicily

We are firmly convinced that the creation of a direct bridge between farmers and customers can truly help the planet, and we hope to inspire and make a small impact with this program. 

Our Thoughts On Defending Real Food

To defend and respect the quality of a product, it is essential first to know it. One of the best ways to know real food and to know extra virgin olive oil, in this case, is to buy directly from Farmers.

Helping a farmer to take care of an olive tree means a lot of things. After respect and responsibility, love and knowledge is also a beautiful way to defend a kind of agriculture. Agriculture made by humans with the mission of deeply nourishing other humans must be more centered around quality, not quantity.

The program “adopt an olive tree” doesn’t intend to be an original way to sell “a product”, rather a practical means to better understand the real value of a product. 

Our production is not so big so the trees are limited.


The program is simple:

We select one of our olive tree,

Carefully label the tree with your name or the name of your choice,

Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We take care of your tree the old way, just like our ancestors have taught us for hundreds of years sending updates about the life of it.

You will receive Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from your tree and its grove every year (from 3 to 4 liters depending on annual yield in comfortable little 0.5 lt tins). 


This isn’t just any EVOO. The olive oil from Sicily is rated as some of the best quality in the world because of the richness of our soils and the diversity of elements. Specifically our varieties are Moresca, Verdese e Tonda Iblea. The small dimension of our Farm guarantee top quality checking every singol step.

A Beautiful gift

Are you thinking to make a special gift? We are sure our Adoption Box can be a beautiful surprise 🙂 We will put the name you choose on the Olive Tree, after we will make a picture of it and send to you.

Why this matters:

It’s for sure a good help for little farmers like us! Develop a more intimate relationship with your food and its origins. By being a part of this program, you have the possibility to know precisely where your Extra Virgin Olive Oil came from and who take care.

You can sign up at anytime!

Just send us an email at with: 
  • the name or everything you want to write on the label of your tree
  • The address where we have to send including a mobile tel number for the courier
That’s it, we will contact you back by mail to define the terms and you will receive your adoption box at home!