Taralli home made, Rosa’s Recipe

Rosa is a friend of us from Puglia. Another chef use to visit our Farms in Sicily.

Searching all the specific Traditional Regional Food of South of Italy is not so easy but so exciting at the same time. This is what we do. Such a generous treasure of recipes and differences that make this place so special for food. Impossible to know all but possible it get lost, yes, also in Italy 🙁

Born around ‘400 they are now a must in Puglia and in Campania. From the Greek language, (all the south of Italy was Magna Grecia) daratos, “sort of bread“. But, where they born exactly? Kind of questions better don’t ask to her like any other people from Campania.

But there is a point, a line who divide the 2 different schools: In Campania they made taralli using Animal Fat, in Puglia the Olive Oil. Then, almonds in Campania taralli, the famous “nzogna e pepe” in Naples who became the ritual of the Classical Neapolitan Aperitivo together with a Beer. This is is not the way of Puglia version, usually made with wild fennel seeds inside or using dry tomatoes in to the dough.

Let’s ask to Rosa! 


  • 400 gr flour

  • 140ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

  • 140ml White Wine

  • 140ml Water


  • wild fennel seeds 

  • dry tomatoes

  • rosemery

Pour in a bowl all the liquid ingredients, add a pinch of salt and the yeast, start to mix with a whisk and slowly add the flour. When all the ingredients begins to thicken add more flour and start to kneed my hands. When the dough is smooth (no sticky) you are ready to add the spices or dry tomatoes.
Now you have the dough ready to make the shape, just a short roll to unify creating a sort of “0”. Now put in the boiling water until they start to float on top, drain them and poor in a baking pan, wait 2 hours until they are completely dry and then in the oven at 160° for 20 min.