The Carrittiere, a Job and its recipe

Always the name of a recipe is the first indication – sometimes the only one – about the history of a dish. Carrittera takes the name from the “Carretto”, the Horse Wagon used by people to transport stuff from one place to another. It was also used by farmers to move from one land to another. In Sicily, personalizing the Carretto became an authentic artistic expression, the patterns used by the artists represent often images of saints, legends, or histories of famous battles.

Not just move, but move with style 🙂

Yes, now you know where came from the popular Patterns used by Dolce and Gabbana 😉

This became a topic in Sicily and this topic has created a school of artisans around the Island, Make your Carretto special. The pattern they used, and the histories represented on them, were all elements to represent the character of the owner.

The recipe we are going to share with you became the recipe of the “Carrettieri” the horse wagon owners because they sometimes had the necessity to prepare something easy on the way. What recipe for this occasion? Something easy, some water to cook the pasta, 3/4 tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, and some salty capers, all elements easy to have during the long Sicilian summer. I love the image of this Carretto under a tree for the most important part of the day, the ritual of a meal, preparing a fire to boil the water, frying a little bit the garlic in the olive oil, and then combining all ingredients at the end to have a dish who give you energy and make you happy 🙂


  • 500gr tomatoes
  • 2 tblsp salty capers
  • 2 cloves garlic 
  • Some Extra virgin olive oil  
  • Salt and Pepper
  • a teaspoon dry red chilly  
  • 50gr pecorino or salty ricotta 
  • Good quality spaghetti or linguine pasta
  • Some basil leaves 

Just poor in the pan 3 tblsp Extravirgin olive oil with the 2 cloves of garlic crushed or sliced.

Wait until it fries a little bit and adds to the same pan capers and tomatoes

Just few minutes, time for the tomato to cook a little bit

Take off your pasta when is al dente and directly on the pan with just a ladle of pasta water, toss a little bit and fish with cheese on top.

That’s it. No more. Simple and delicious.