Farm Table in a Sicilian Farm

Taste of Sicily, a food experience in a Farm

From farm to fork

A little tour where Fabio e Annarella shows you their farm life in Sicily nowadays.

Fabio and Annarella are glad to host people who want to have an authentic experience in Sicily sharing a tasting menu after a short visit to the Farm. Let’s book food experience at the farm.

Sicily in a short tour

Difficult to concentrate the amount of these layers of this island’s differences but maybe one of the ways to have a feeling about that can be having a food experience. What good instrument to simplify such a complex historical place. Recipes and dishes here are a kind of synthesis of thousand of years still preserved in a lot of aspects of the Sicilian life and culture.

norma pasta
eggs and wild asparagus

Small Farm living

One of the most interesting aspects of Farming in Sicily is first of all the dimension of their Farm. For hundreds of years considered a limit has now become one of the ways where is still possible to find quality before.

Today this became a way used by Farmers who have the possibility to show directly the value of their choice.

Small Farm connections are able to provide quality to give you a real authentic taste of Sicily