Fabio und Annarella Biobauernhof in Syrakus :)

Receiving a picture by our friend Dirk in Germany we found ourself in an article by Denise Snieguolè Wachter with this beautiful title “Das ist doch wohl die Hohle!” we can translate with: That’s the cave!

Such a surprise! And what a title! Perfetto!

We had a lot of great experience during last week with our cooking classes on line, we are just so happy to see people busy doing pasta with us but we are really enthusiastic to see people happy to understand the meaning of a recipe, sharing the value of traditions and good home made food.

Like an interactive community, now everything we want to know we can find on internet, but the possibility to share with people is always the best way, it’s what really make the difference. Maybe because we are Humans after all 🙂

This is our personal experience during this unconventional new time and after our first year we are firmly convinced to maintain this program also in the future, for different reasons: like a way to offer a Taste of Sicily to the people are curious about our places, people who want to know more about Authentic Mediterranean kitchen, people want to learn a new recipe or just have fun cooking together (It’s still possible? Beleive us, Yes it is)

“Mein Mann und ich sind neulich nach Sizilien gereist; leider nur in Form eines digitalen Kochkurses. Den besuchten wir bei Fabio und Annarella, die einen Biobauernhof in Syrakus bewirtschaften. Sie produzieren Olivenöl, bauen Mandeln, ZitrusfrĂĽchte sowie Tomaten an. Und sie teilen gern ihre Familienrezepte.”