The hottest time

Thursday our province was the hottest in Europe, 
This is not news.  Yesterday our province was the hottest in Europe ever. Yes, this is news! 
This makes us so sad, because we have to admit maybe something is going out of control. Thank God our Farms are safe for now but we are worried about what could happen in the near future. Our approach to farming is very respectful of Nature so we have the “privilege” to see the terrible effects immediately. We recognize maybe the future problems will affect all aspects of our life and everywhere on the planet. So we really hope these days will remind us we need to do something soon. We need to get beyond the greenwashing phenomenon and re-think a less superficial vision. 
The solution cannot be just to plant trees. We need to take care of the rural areas, use traditional farming methods, and rethink the ways we process food and trade food globally. Our thoughts are with the Farmers who have recently lost everything and to the people who lost their houses, land, crops, and sometimes life…from the fire here to Greece, to Algeria, to Turkey and to those affected by the floods in Germany. We are always thinking something positive.  We can rebuild.  History reminds us that after a tragedy, the beautiful aspects of human beings can come out… a lot of love from Three Farms Island.