The faster way to make fresh pasta is still a popular recipe in Sicily

The faster way to make fresh pasta

A sort of mix between Gnocchi and Sardinian Fregola this “shape”version it’s absolutely the faster way to make pasta. Your fingers have just scratch and rotate in a deep dish with flour and a little bit of water. That’s it.

Often when the recipe are so old they are not only good to taste but also practical to realize. Several name for this shape that is so simple to realize: That will be our pasta to cook in a Broccoli broth

Broccoli? Yes, and nothing more

Searching more we find a lot of recipes had Broccoli in, this member of the cabbage family, is packed with nutrients that can help improve your overall health and well-being, The Vitamin C , the source of fiber, which can help with digestion and regulate blood sugar levels so just for have an idea of all benefits of this old Vegetable and why a lot of combination for hundreds of dishes.

What we propose here is one of these recipe in maybe the mostly basic version. So close to the bottom that even strange to call this a recipe but we can say that in some parts of Sicily this is considered one of.


  • 1 Broccoli
  • 200gr semoliba flour
  • Salt Pepper and extravirgin olive oil

get a plate with high sides and put the flour there, after adding just a spoon water turn with your fingers fast the flower, then filter the extra flower and do it again and again until you will have the dish full of little irregular lumps. That is our pasta that we cook in the same water we boiled the broccolis before, with some salt and extravirgin olive oil on top. Try to us a good one 🙂

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