Olive Trees in Sicily

One-day tour in Sicily: enjoy the authentic traditional Sicilian meal.

Experience the Sicilian Culinary tradition from the fresher, the Farm to Table concept. 

What is Italian cuisine without its quintessential ingredients? And how can one truly savor the flavors of Sicilian cuisine if not experienced directly on a Sicilian farm? 

Enjoy your day at Three Farms Island with a serene walk through our lush gardens and orchards. As you wander through rows of fresh produce, you’ll gain insight into the sustainable, regenerative, and traditional farming practices at our philosophy’s core. Our farm is a testament to the rich agricultural heritage of Sicily, and we’re eager to share this connection with you.

Indulge in a spread of authentic fresh food, from hand-picked vegetables to artisanal cheeses, from our farm or local producers. Savor the flavors of Sicily with dishes, plant-based like the real poor country tradition of Sicilian Farmers, simple and generous. Be adventurous and try our seasonal specialties that celebrate the island’s bountiful harvest. Accompany your meal with a glass of fine wine, produced right here in the fertile soils of the Sicilian countryside.

Our commitment to regenerative agriculture and traditional practices, both in the field and in the kitchen, offers you the unique opportunity to trace the journey of authentic, farm-to-fork cuisine. Experience the essence of the Mediterranean Diet through our classical recipes, which are fresh, simple, and predominantly plant-based, capturing the true taste of the Mediterranean.

Must-Do’s in Sicily: Beyond the Plate

It’s wonderful to continue with original suggestions that encourages exploring the surroundings. Like farmers we know how ingredients are important. To really enjoy a dish you need to know where it came from. So let’s enjoy and don’t hesitate to ask tips for the area. We are locals, happy to share 🙂 

the final: “La Passeggiata dopo pranzo”, a walk in one of the most spectacular baroque town center in the world

After a leisurely lunch, we invite you to explore the nearby historical gem of Noto center. This town is just a stone’s throw away from our farm and offer a cultural experience that perfectly complements your culinary journey. Discover the architectural marvels of Noto’s Baroque buildings a MUST if you are around.

Looking forward to host you